Posterfy and Lindström cooperate on new IoT technology for cleaner washrooms and happier customers

Lindström integrates Posterfy Smart Washroom System in Towel dispensers

Lindström, an international textile service company, has started to offer businesses in Finland Posterfy Smart Washroom System integrated to Lindström towel dispensers. Lindström has also become Posterfy's preferred partner in the washroom segment in Finland.

Posterfy Smart Washroom System is an interactive communication system for washrooms. The cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) system facilitates easy and efficient washroom maintenance for greater customer satisfaction and optimization for cleaning costs. It also enables interactive advertising and other communication with washroom visitors.

Posterfy Smart Washroom System's displays and sensors will be integrated with Lindström's towel dispenser covers. Cablefree displays and sensors are connected to the cloud-based management system. The system provides statistics about the use of displays and other information sent by sensors as well as the feedback from washroom visitors. It detects problems on service level, capacity-based issues and informs the client about efficiency improvement opportunities.

Lindström's towel dispensers with Posterfy's System let the company in charge of the washroom services, for instance, follow the amount of used towel in a dispenser. When the towel roll is running out, washroom service providers are alerted by mobile phone. Thanks to this, they can change towels before the dispenser runs out of towel. The washroom service provider also confirms the towel change using a sensor in the dispenser. Information about the towel use as well as the towel change can be seen in the cloud service. This makes it easier for the owners and managers of the facility to follow that the washroom service provider has done the agreed work as well as the dispensers are in order.

Achieving excellent customer experiences is the number one goal for us. With help of Posterfy’s Smart Washroom System we’re able to help our customers to keep their customers happier. Our study in one of the biggest shopping malls in Finland shows that clean washrooms really matter: happy customers spend more time than average on premises with clean washrooms. Also when they are staying longer, it is likely that they spend more money as well. The study also reveals that 66 percent would recommend a shopping mall based on clean washrooms.

says Project Manager Jasu Jaranka from Lindström Group

The IoT system also helps to optimize cleaning costs. Owners and managers of the facilities where washrooms are can be confident that the washrooms are always neat, but washrooms are still cleaned and maintained only when necessary.

Displays and interactive sensors on the dispenser are also used for communication with washroom visitors. Service feedback makes the collected sensor data more significant. It also reveals how many people have noticed customer information or advertisement on the display.

tells Posterfy Chief Operating Officer Jani Ahokas

Posterfy Smart Washroom System is available everywhere in Europe. Posterfy is a private-owned company based in Helsinki, Finland. The innovation is based on work done by researchers at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

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